Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Getting sick....

With being sick there is always pre-sick and post-sick periods. Before getting sick you feel apathetic, can't say what is wrong with you, try to fight the feeling with coffee, coffee and more can't do anything right, feel sleepy and tired all the time. Then "BOOOM" you get sick you lie there in your bed, with fever, stomachache, nausea....nagging kids, more crying more nagging....poor husband who seems to have 100 hands performing 100 tasks at once. You look at the weather outside, so warm and sunny after gloomy chain of chilly rainy days and curse your luck..:/ Super crowded room and piles of unfinished chore add to your misery and you finally decide that all your life is meaningless; you are terrible mother, terrible wife, terrible housekeeper and terrible teacher.
So, sitting here in bed, drinking warm Anees, nursing my baby and hoping to recover this afternoon, I dread the post-sick period that is coming. :/ I try to look at it from a different perspective. I gained some new insights, got some rest and mmmmm lost some weight lol! :) anyhow, things happen and that is life. Will try to eat properly and recover as soon as I can..:)

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