Monday, 30 April 2007

On *Love*....

yesterday I was lying down without sleep as sudden cough woke me up. so I had some thoughts cross my mind but couldnt get out of bed to write them that is some of them:

Before loving someone, you should love youself. Cause loving someone is giving and you cant give if you dont have. Once you feel you are in harmony with yourself, have all you want and are who you want to be, completly satisfied with your life and yourself, you can start thinking about sharing that love with someone else. Because loving means giving. It can be your partner, your child, your neightbour. Doesnt really make any difference. As long as you can give you can love.

Love doesnt mean taking by any means. Cause in itself it is self accompleshment which doesnt need something else to be completed. As you love, you add to yourself, cause as you give, you give to God, hence to yourself.....

When you feel like you cant love anymore, it means you cant give. The other person may lose or may not, but the greater loss is for you. You should return to yourself and make effort again to complete the harmony within. Cause that peace and harmony inside you is where your love comes from, if that source is empty your loving will be only to fill it up.....that is just the opposit of giving.

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